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Lester Smith, Minister

Greetings in Yahshua’s Name,

 I went to a prayer service today, where different denominations had come together for a time of prayer and worship for our nation. To be honest, I don’t look forward to such things anymore, because in my experience, most of these gatherings are agenda driven. I emptied myself of expectations as I drove there, and asked YAH to be in the midst of it all. Much to my surprise and joy, Holy Spirit’s presence was there and active. Everything that was prayed and read fueled the fire that has been burning in me.

 If you would allow me, I would like to share how YAHWEH recently chastised me, and the fruit that came from it. Deut 8:5, 1Cor 11:32, Heb 12:5-11, Rev 3:19

It’s all relevant to the body of Messiah, if you will allow me to share this personal revelation with you. Holy Spirit spoke to me in a dream and told me my heart was corrupt. I examined myself and my motivations for why I did things, but I couldn’t find anything. When I don’t understand something from YAH that means I must wait until He reveals it to me. Proverbs 12:15, 21:2

 Weeks have gone by, and now I find myself in prayer for the body of Messiah, and the upcoming mission trip. As I am allowing Holy Spirit to pray through me I here a voice say to me, “You’re still too selfish.” I asked the Father, what do you mean? Holy Spirit asked me, if I prayed for the saints that are being persecuted over seas; I said, Yes Lord. He said, “You have asked that my mind be in you, and that your heartbeat would be instep with mine. You have wanted to see as I do, that you may walk in My perfect will. Do you pray for My persecuted and dying children, as you do for your sons and daughter, as those you consider blood relatives?” My answer had to be no. Then He said, “You are not seeing as I do, they are your blood relatives through the sacrifice of my Son. Are they not worthy of the compassion that I’ve shown you? You are selfish because you’ve thought only of your own nation and not my body. My children and your family are being persecuted and killed daily. Now that death has come to your borders, you take notice, selfish. I need you to pray with love and compassion as if you were the one in chains. This is how I see; this is what I require of you.” I began repenting that very moment of my selfishness and blindness. Now my prayer life has soared to new heights and my soul truly is prospering to a greater degree. It not enough for me to just serve, I must serve YAH in the way He wants. Halleluyah!

 YAHWEH will bring us all to the end of ourselves for the purpose of His glory, but we must be willing to die. Many don’t believe that you can hear from YAH or that He is active in our lives. I feel sad for you because too much of you still lives and it keeps you from hearing Him. When we are compelled to deny ourselves, pick up our crosses and follow Him, we know our death is imminent and necessary. The things we pass on the way to crucifixion we shall not see again. When we awaken from the tomb of self, then and only then can we be counted worthy to bear His Name. Matthew 16:24-2

 I would encourage you with all my heart, to seek Him while He may be found. Pray, walk, and talk as if you were from another world. Be a good steward and not an owner, so that your Father YAHWEH may establish His kingdom on earth through you. It’s not about us, it’s about Him. This walk is so much easier when our focus is on Yahshua, for then all our differences seem to fade away. A dead man cannot respond to earthly stimulus, because he is dead to it. 1Corinthians 15:41-58

 Death is death, but life is Yahshua. He is the way, the Truth, and the Life. Today chose life on His terms and not your own, and see the will of YAHWEH done on earth and Yahshua glorified.



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