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Christian Hebraic Heritage

Christian Hebraic Heritage, also called Jewish Roots of Christianity, is an acknowledgment that the Christian faith sprang from a biblical Hebrew beginning, and remains firmly and organically connected to it.

At Seed of Abraham Fellowship we seek to rediscover a Believer’s faith-walk more consistent with what Christ and the Apostles advocated and lived. That means to set aside manmade tradition, however familiar and comfortable it might be, and instead to re-embrace the commandments of God as well as to observe His biblically ordained holy days and appointed times. We are a new 21st century church that reflects the ancient ways, ideals, spirit and first love that was the hallmark of the 1st century church: the ways and ideals of Our Messiah.

The bible that Paul carried under his arm on his many missionary journeys was the Hebrew Old Testament (the Tanach). There was no New Testament until about 200 A.D., more than 100 years after Paul died. Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus’s given Hebrew name) proved His divinity and His identity as the Messiah using the Prophets and the Torah. The Gospel was taught, and thousands of gentile and Jewish Believers brought into the fold, using the Prophets and the Torah. Therefore our aim is to be a whole-Bible church that believes God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation, and accepts it all as truth, light, and forever relevant.

The center of our faith is Christ. The proof of our faith is that the Holy Spirit indwells us. The constitution and manual of our faith is God’s Word: the Old and New Testaments. If we are to live-out a redeemed life, we must intimately know the Holy Scriptures, which are the Lord’s divine instructions to us. Therefore our sermons are actually in-depth bible study. Bible books are taken in order, chapter-by-chapter and verse-by-verse, so that progressive revelation can be properly revealed in context and literally. God’s principles can then be built-up, layer upon layer, beginning with the foundation, and proper application to our modern lives becomes apparent.

Christian Hebraic Heritage adherents accept that there is but one way to salvation for gentile and Jew: Christ. There is only one law for gentile and Jew: God’s law. There is only one spirit for gentile and Jew: God’s Holy Spirit. And there is only one Sabbath day for gentile and Jew: the 7th day of the week (Friday sundown to Saturday sundown).

Gentiles have been grafted in to God’s covenants. Israel and the Jewish people remain as God’s precious treasure, chosen and unique. Christian Hebraic Heritage advocates that while we have been commanded to take the Good News to the entire world (a world of mostly gentiles), the world also includes the Jewish people. Jews do not have to give up their Jewishness to accept Christ, anymore than gentiles have to become Jews to accept Christ. Therefore Seed of Abraham Fellowship takes the Good News to our local community in modern American cultural terms, and we take the same Good News to the Jewish people of Israel in their Hebrew cultural terms, and in their Hebrew language. 

Christian Hebraic Heritage is by nature family oriented and our congregations are a healthy mix of Jews and gentiles. The children are fully capable of learning God’s Word and truth and following it. Therefore the Scriptures are taught to our youth from the earliest age. Our fellowships, celebrations, and worship services involve the entire family, from infant to elderly.

Our morals and ethics come from God’s infallible Word and the history of mankind proves that the Holy Scripture’s reliability, relevance and perfection never changes over time. Sin and its definition were the same for Adam and Eve as it is for us today.

Christian Hebraic Heritage is joyfully grateful for our salvation, a free gift of grace, and know that to love God is to obey God. Therefore while we happily bask in God’s blessings and our freedom from the slavery to sin, we realize that Christians and Messianics (believing Jews) have duties and obligations to the Lord. What are they? To trust Him, to follow Him faithfully, and to obey Him fully. That is our hope, prayer, and purpose as a community of disciples of Messiah.

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